Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wooton : King of Desks

We are excited to have in our showroom a fabulous Wooton Desk! One of the many amazing unique antique furniture avail at Hwy 41 Antique Emporium ! Please click pictures below to enlarge, and give us a call if you need more information!

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The Wooton Desk is based upon renaissance revival styling. It is massive, elaborate rectangular rather then flowing furniture. Know as the " King of Desks" it uses projecting panels, contrasting woods. The basic desk enables a person using it to reach 110 compartments without moving his chair. The barrels of the desk swing open, the writing shelf folds up, and a ledger space that can be reached from a sitting position. the desk locks with a single key and on the outside there is a mail slot that can be used for people to leave money or messages when desk is locked.

President Grant, Harrison, Garfield, Queen Victoria, John D. Rockefeller, Joseph Scribner and Jay Gould were a few who depended upon these desks to organize their routine. Even today, the Smithsonian Institution still utilizes this patent secretary, purchased in 1876 ! 124 years of continuous use!

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